Brá fra Rank DK2010200461


F: Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum (8,51)

M: Toppa von Mooskirchen

FF: Aron frá Strandarhöfdi (8,54)

FM: Hrönn frá Efri-Gegnishólum (8,08)

MF: Silfurtoppur frá Sigmundarstödum (8,07)

MM: Orka frá Hofsstödum (7,81)




Brá is an exciting young 5gaited mare with a great pedigree out of the famous Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum (8,51) .

She shows a lot of Tölt and flying pace and has a perfect charakter and is easy in all handling. she has the same flashy looks as her beautiful mother, with lots of mane and is already 142cm as a 5year old and very good developed for her age.


2014: Drift fra Rank F: Depill frá Votmula

Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum