Óskasteinn fra Rank DK2010100397

F: Spuni frá Midsitju (8,33)

FF: Ófeigur frá Flugumyri (8,19)

FM: Katla frá Midsitju (8,11)

M: Ósk fra Ballen 1a

MF: Fjölnir frá Kópavogi (8,33)


 5gaited young gelding with very good pedigree. Father Spuni frá Midsitju is Elitestallion with Honorprice for offspring.

Shows wide movements with lots of suspension. Long arched neck and good conformation, flashy looks and special colour. Very big for his age ( with 4years already 142cm high)

short video in roundpen Dez2012 on youtube under his name.

 Oskasteinn was in starttraining in winter 2o14 for 3 weeks and knows longing and saddel and the weight of the rider. he is curious and respectful and wants to please.


Ósk fra Ballen 1a

Spuni frá Midsitju